Patty Madden

Experience Art in its most imaginative, unique, & transformative way through decorative products, wall covering, upholstery, and now NFT and fine art.

I’m Patty. I have been a digital artist for many years. I have worked in the digital world
designing decorative products, wall coverings, upholstery, etc. My decorative products are sold all over the world.

I am an architectural interior designer, art director and have also studied fashion design. I originally started with the 3D animations to create commercial ads for my decorative product promotions. I enjoyed doing that so much that I wanted to turn it into an art form.

When the pandemic started, I wanted to create fantasy settings to give myself a place to escape to. A place to meditate and feel safe.

My Creative Process

I visualize the spaces and they emerge. They come to me in dreams at times. Music has a huge influence on my thoughts. I use many of my pattern designs in these spaces using unique applications.

Loving patterns, I have designed thousands of them. I am using my patterns to create architectural structures, trellises, and gardens. I love parametric architecture and see my patterns applied in many forms within it.

Perhaps because I live in a warm climate, I always see the natural outside world as part of my living environment. It is hard for me to visualize a setting without it. To me, it is everything. Water, sky, greenery, moonlight and sunlight , influence architecture in so many ways.

And then there is motion. I also started adding animated birds and butterflies to my videos to bring the natural world even closer to me. I love birds, butterflies and flowers. I am obsessed. Designing and creating everyday is like breathing to me.

Working with color makes me feel nourished. I am motivated by the need to create beauty. Even if I am the only one who sees it.

My Vision

We live in a multidimensional world where 3D art becomes normal and expected.
This is the world that I visualize daily. There are no limits. . .
This moment in history is the most exciting time to be an artist.
If we can think it or dream it, anything is possible with the new technologies at our fingertips.

Credits: Music Luca Francini

My Work

My works are reflections of where my thoughts want to be.
I picture myself in these settings and how I would feel there.
These are places where I am most content.
The motion and repetition of the animations are calming and make me feel focused.

Credits: Music Luca Francini